Anangkwe "Star Woman" Art Print

by Deanna Therriault


In Anishinabek lore, the Star Woman roamed the sky, looking for a place to call home. When she settled into the water, the People woke to find Water Lilies covering the lake. Deanna’s version of Star Woman shows a wistful face. Before she gave us water lily, Star Woman wished for something else. It is the North Star in her face, and below on her back are various constellations from the Anishinabek star map: white bear, sweat lodge, snake. Star Woman is part of the stars, but also her own being. Her hair is white, representing the North, and the final stages of our lives as elders.

The original was completed on 14x17 art paper with acrylic paint.

All prints on 100lb matte paper.